73ns, 91ns SPST - NO 5.1Ohm Analog Switches MAKE-BEFORE-BREAK ADG4612 16 Pins 10nA 5V 16-TSSOP (0.173, 4.40mm Width)

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  • NO: Analog Devices Inc-ADG4612BRUZ-REEL7
  • Package: 16-TSSOP (0.173, 4.40mm Width)
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  • Stock: 3000
  • Description: 73ns, 91ns SPST - NO 5.1Ohm Analog Switches MAKE-BEFORE-BREAK ADG4612 16 Pins 10nA 5V 16-TSSOP (0.173, 4.40mm Width)(Kg)


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ADG4612BRUZ-REEL7 Overview

Due to its 16-TSSOP (0.173, 4.40mm Width) packaging, the electronic part is convenient for international shipping. This packaging method provides high reliability because it uses advanced packaging techniques. In Surface Mount, this analog switch is mounted. In the multiplexer and demultiplexer, 1:1 represents the number of circuits. Operating temperature around -40°C~105°C TA extended. In total, 16 terminations have occurred. A high-quality output is provided by the electrical component's 1 channels. If the voltage supply is 5V volts, the electrical component should be turned on and run. This electronic part can be found in the 16 series. Circuits based on SPST - NO switching are used to construct these analog switch ics. Try searching for the analog switch ic with ADG4612 if you are looking for variants. As far as internal resistance is concerned, it has 5.1Ohm. Please refer to the datasheets for 16 pins functions. There is Multiplexer or Switches analog multiplexer like this in the world. In a normalsituation, users should not supply the switches with voltage higher than 12V. Digital switch that provides Dual, Single power at a cost-effective price. There should be 3V voltage fed to the electrical part below 3V. If put voltage greater than 140μA on the device, damage may be caused to the analogue multiplexer. There's no problem with dual supply voltage for this switch device. However, it shouldn't exceed 5.5V. If you are using dual power supplies, you should attach at least 3V. In this switch multiplexer, there are SEPARATE OUTPUT outputs available. In order to operate the 4 inputs, there are several steps to follow. In 250MHz-bandwidths, data can be transferred.

ADG4612BRUZ-REEL7 Features

1 Channels
Switch Circuit: SPST - NO
Bandwidth: 250MHz

ADG4612BRUZ-REEL7 Applications

There are a lot of Analog Devices Inc. ADG4612BRUZ-REEL7 Analog Switches & Multiplexers ICs applications.

  • Battery Powered Instruments
  • Switching Systems
  • PDAs
  • Relay replacements
  • E1 Multiplexer
  • Relay Replacement
  • Multi-Line E1 Interface Cards
  • Sample-and-hold systems
  • Communications systems

In Stock

Please send RFQ , we will respond immediately.